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Problem solving is part of my business and our most common enquire is the removal of unsightly stains or marks, pet accidents and even illness. We offer a 24 hour emergency service. The sooner I can attend to the problem the more chance I have of success. If it can be avoided please do not apply washing up liquid, washing or laundry detergent, Detol or soaps and shampoos available from the high street to the problem. Especially not undiluted. The green colouring of washing up liquid neat can dye the carpet and others can actually fix a stain. Some even have inherent bleaching agents that will discolour. Avoid white spirit or methylated spirits, they are not free rinsing. Improper use can attack the backing or the latex that bond the carpet together and over application can even dissolve this latex and cause delamination between the backing and the pile. I use specialist solvents developed over many years that can be flushed away thus avoiding potential damage with over exposure. Avoid using hot water and heat as this can actually set a stain and cause pile distortion and damage unless used correctly.

Can all stains be removed?

Honestly no. Some marks or stains will cause permanent discolouration and may even dye or even damage the fibres. It will also be dependent on temperature (hot tea and coffee) and how long the stain has been present and any attempts made to remove the stain. The panic response is to 'get something on it' This can often fix a stain so before attempting stain removal call me 01263 833424 for advice. It's free. With a call out I can assess the staining and give an honest appraisal of success before proceeding.

Here is an example of our stain removal process.

spot and stain treatmentspot and stain treatment
spot and stain treatmentspot and stain treatment

Above are pictures of me removing shoe polish. The carpeting is a wool rich blend. I applied the stain remover to towel and not directly to the stain. This stops the stain from becoming more mobile and spreading throughout the fibre and to the backing. Gently blotting, not rubbing, each time using a clean piece of towel and you can see the stain being removed until complete success. I rinsed the area with cold water to finish.

spot and stain treatmentspot and stain treatment

Using my a blunt knife I am breaking up the surface of this paint spot to allow my stain remover to release the paint from the pile. Stain removal on loop pile carpeting can be difficult as the stain gets trapped inside the loop. I used the same process above and blotted the stain out by applying the remover to the towel. As the picture below shows all the staining has been removed, followed by rinsing with cold water. Success for our client.

spot and stain treatment

In an emergency please call us first, it may save you an insurance claim, my advice is free and we can discuss the best action to take. In general terms the following steps will help but before attempting this please call.


The following is offered as a general procedure and is in no way definitive. I do not recommend attempting stain removal without calling me first and the following is carried out at your own risk.

  • Gently scrape and remove any solids with a blunt or pallet knife
  • Blot do not rub. Blot up excess liquid. Use kitchen towel or an old folded hand towel. The aim is to absorb the stain into the towel. Rubbing will actually force the staining deeper into the pile and may spread the staining and even cause pile distortion or pilling (makes the pile go fluffy)
  • Rinse a face cloth or similar under the cold tap and wring until damp. Fold and apply the cloth to the stain for 1 minute and check for transfer of the stain to the cloth. You can apply a weight like a heavy book or even stand on the cloth. Continue until nothing further is removed using a clean area of cloth.
  • Take a dry towel and fold and apply to area to remove residue and moisture again weight maybe be used. Continue to use a clean dry side of the towel finally apply weight on a clean folded towel leave overnight so all remaining staining can be absorbed.
  • Remove weight and redress pile.
  • If you choose to use soap or a stain treatment chemical test in an inconspicuous area first to test for any reaction. Always follow the manufacturer's advice and please never use neat unless directed.
All calls are diverted to my mobile free of charge. If unavailable please leave a simple message of a contact name and number and I will return your call as soon as I can.


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