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We use an 8 step process to ensure the best possible clean for your sofa and chairs. We clean most commercial and selected domestic upholstery, subject to survey. Sorry we do not offer estimates over the phone or by email and social media as it is important for us to view and assess the fabic content and wear. Quotes are free within 25 miles of our office.

Before cleaning anything we protect your other furnishings and carpet with sheeting and blankets.
  1. First we survey. This is essential to determine if  the fabric can be cleaned. There are a multiple combinations of fibres that can make up the fabric or your suite.
  2. Check for wear and body oil on the contact areas. In general terms the arms, seat and head area. This will show as dark patches or in some cases discolouration.
  3. Pre-clean vacuum. We will vacuum your suite to remove as much dust as possible prior to any pre-treatment.
  4. Pre-spray. Using a combination of solutions to break up soiling and body oil. We use eco friendly products. This will leave no residue.
  5. Gentle agitation. Using a soft brush specifically for the the task.
  6. Rinse. Determined by our pre-treatment process. In most case this will be plain water. In some cases a mild acidic rinse or detergent free rinse.
  7. Towel Dry. We will hand towel the suite to remove any surface moisture.
  8. Groom to re-set the pile if necessary.   
Spot and Stain Treatment

No carpet and upholstery cleaning service is complete without the ability to treat and remove stains. My customers know the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance but also require treatment of various problem stains and marks. Click here for more details.

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