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I like to take the relaxed approach with our cleaning services because I like to do the work properly. I do not have to rush from customer to customer because I ensure I leave enough time in our diary so I do not skip the essentials. My preference to pre-vacuum removes the dry soiling and debris from your carpeting or upholstery ready for our range of environmentally friendly detergent free solutions. After agitation with either a machine or brush I treat remaining stains then rinse with either water or the right solution rinse for your particular needs. There’s lots more information around the site our About Us gives our history and you can Contact Us directly for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

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I use an 8 step programme to get the best results for you. From just £59.50

1) Inspection. We survey the carpet so our customers know what to expect.

2) Pre Vac. It's essential I vacuum carpets to remove loose soiling. Removing surface dust and debris allows initial penetration of our cleaning solutions. Edges around skirtings where dust and fluff settle should also be vacuumed. Ensure your carpet cleaning company pre vac your carpets.

3) Pre treat stains. Coffee, tea, wine etc. I pre-treat difficult stains rather than 'hope' we can remove them as we clean as it gives me much more chance of success. These are rinsed to stabilise.

4) Pre-spray. Used to loosen and release general soiling from the carpet pile and traffic lane areas. We will reasonably move all your furniture although I do ask that any cabinets etc you require moving are emptied to make it easier. I will take every care of your goods but suggest valuable items and breakables are removed from shelves, units and cabinets etc. TV and ancillery equipment have now become complex with all the cables and connections. Should you wish the TV unit to be moved please remove these items. Followed by..

5) Agitation by either machine or rake. This will open matted fibres and allow the pre spray to the fibre, rather than just laying on the surface which is of little use.

6) Another check for any marks or stains. Rinse extract with either rinse solution or water. In most cases plain water is sufficient but in some circumstances we use a rinse solution. Previous cleaning with a hire machine, or the use of  alkali chemicals or leaving shampoo and soap residue from previous cleaning and not rinsing correctly will leave the carpeting sticky and lead to re-soiling or worse losen backing dye. This is where the saying my "carpets got dirty after cleaning"comes from. Spotting and carpet shampoo available on the high street can also leave residues causing re-soiling or even have a bleaching effect. Our solutions will help to solve this. We will replace furniture with protectors to protect the furniture and your carpeting from migrations of unstable dyes on the furniture feet. Other large foot print items we use disposable blocks to raise items allow drying.

7) Re-inspect. A final look over.

8) Groom your carpeting. This resets the pile and allows for quicker drying.

Our 8 step service. Available from just £59.50. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Simon here

Cleaning Solutions And Chemicals 

My choice of advanced cleaning solutions from our selected suppliers includes those that will not harm the environment and are kind to your home, here is just a small selection from the range available.

Our choices for you will not damage your wool or wool rich or blended carpeting and is fine on any synthetic.These latest cleaning solutions are available as standard to our customers we do not have hidden costs or 'extras'. Friendly to the environment, safe for you, your family and your pets. No harsh chemicals, no false scents, no optical enhancement. You can be sure it is a pure clean.  I also offer a carpet restoration service.his is required when all else has failed you and it's either clean it or dispose of it. Public houses and restaurants suffer from oil, grease and  alcohol tracked across the pile. This can harden to crust and end up looking like a tarmac road. We refer to this as black top. All is not lost, we have specialist cleaning agents that can deal with this situation but it is important than any restoration work is neutralised with our specialist rinse solutions.

We Use Woolsafe Approved Solutions & Chemicals

*Minimum order value £59.50


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