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Here are the questions we asked most often but you may have some of your own. Please feel free to contact us here or call me local on 01263 833424 or mobile 
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Q: Why should I have my carpets and upholstery cleaned.
A:  The most important reason is the removal of dirt and grit in the pile which causes premature wear. Regular vacuuming helps but only professional cleaning can remove this soiling and rejuvenate the pile. We recommend regular professional cleaning between every six months to two years dependent on use. We can advise you on regular cleaning and we do offer good discounts to our regular clients.

Q: Do you clean domestic and commercial carpets and upholstery.
A: Yes. Arena Cleaning Services have 25 years experience in the industry and would be happy to visit your home, office or premises for a free no obligation quotation.

Q: I'm interested in having my carpets and/or upholstery cleaned but my friends told me it gets dirty very quickly. Why is this and will this happen if you clean mine.
This is a common question. The reason for carpets or upholstery getting dirty, or re-soiling, quickly is the use of detergents and not rinsing properly with the correct solution. At Arena Cleaning Services through our own research and testing we have developed the techniques necessary to give our customers a high quality service. Wuse high quality solutions from our approved selected suppliers who have invested vast resources in research and development so we can provide our customers with the best possible results. Re-soiling most often occurs with hire machines, household soaps used to treat stains or improper cleaning methods. We can remove soap residues from previous cleaning.

Q: A leaflet came through the door and the prices look good should I use this company.
A:  A lot of professional companies do use leaflets to promote their services and we are competitive with these professional companies. Ensure there is a local contact number with an STD code you know. Free-phone numbers may indicate a company out of the area. A professional company will also have their address listed with a local post code. If the prices look too good to be true this is known as bait and switch. The bait is the low prices to encourage you to book an appointment without an on site survey, when they arrive they use high pressure sales techniques for add on services like moving the furniture, spot and stain removal and vacuuming. We include these as standard because they form the basis of professional cleaning. Be aware of the unprofessional company if it's seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Q: Are the chemicals you use safe for my family and pets and could they actually damage my carpet.
A:  Yes our chemicals are safe. There are no harsh ingredients, no optical brighteners and no detergents and will not damage even 100% wool carpets. We use woolsafe products. Our solutions are safe for the environment too.

Q: My carpet has a lot of marks and stains, including a pet accident, and the pile has flattened in the areas we walk most. Can you get the stains out and bring back the pile.
A:  Most spots and marks can be removed subject to testing but it will depend on the nature of the stain, how long it has been there and what treatments have been used already. Household soaps and high street spot removers can leave a stain, cause re-soiling  and even have bleaching effect. Take care when using these products and always test in an inconspicuous area first. Urine staining can be treated but  as it is a discolouration which strips the carpet fibre in most cases the discolouration can not be removed. If a stain is fresh regardless of nature we may have a chance of removal if we can attend to it quickly. Contact us here Flattened pile in traffic areas is a combination of soiling and matted fibres. We use pile lifting equipment as standard to rejuvenate the pile and allow proper cleaning. Unfortunately we can not restore worn carpeting but cleaning will certainly improve the situation.

Q: I'm interested how can I contact you, and what area do you cover?
A: Please call the office on 01263 833424. Your call will diverted free of charge to my mobile. Fill in our contact form here or email info@arenacleaningservices.com. We look forward to hearing from you.
Arena cover most of Norfolk and Suffolk and have a minimum charge of just £59.50 which covers an area of  30 miles from our NR28 0NN post code. I will happily travel further but there maybe a small additional cost.

Q: How dry will my carpets be.
A:  Most are touch dry on completion and completely dry in four to five hours dependent on fibre type. We will advise you before we start cleaning.